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Christien Gholson's Blog Entries

Looking for a great summer read? We're giving away 25 copies of Lessons in Impermanence by Jane Parry and 25 copies of Between Two Rivers by Dorothy Al Khafaji through Goodreads. These two giveaways are free to enter and runs until 22 July 2015 and open to residents of the UK, Iraq and France.

Lessons in Impermanence: A Barn-Dwellers Guide to Woodwork and Buddhism in Brittany

What happens when you pluck a family from a Welsh hillside and transplant them to a French field?

Congratulations to Carly Holmes and Tyler Keevil, who have been shortlisted for the Rubery Book Award!

Carly’s The Scrapbook is a novel about memory, and the unreliability of memory. It’s about the tangled, often dysfunctional, bonds of family. And it’s about absence and the power that a void can exert over a person’s life. It has been shortlisted for the Rubery Book Award in Fiction.

Congratulations to Susmita Bhattacharya, who has been shortlisted for the 2015 THRESHOLDS International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition. Her gripping piece, ‘From One’s Own Perspective,’ discusses her connection with ‘Rowing to Eden’ by Amy Bloom and reveals vulnerable truths about life with cancer. The judging panel called it: ‘a poignant exploration of the power of short fiction to mirror and also to contain the chaos of our lives, while reminding us of the fragile humanity we share.’

Susmita’s debut novel, The Normal State of Mind, was released in March 2015 and her short story ‘Comfort Food’ was nominated for the 2014 Pushcart Prize.

Read Susmita’s complete essay here.

Isn't this a lovely photo of Gee Williams signing her new novel Desire Line at Linghams Booksellers to ckick of Independent Booksellers Week on Saturday 20 June? Welsh Books Council Book of the Month for June, Desire Line is available from all good bookshops on and offline including our own.

We have three brilliant interns working with Team Parthian at the moment and we thought you might like to get to know them... 


Chevelle Necole

Spending most of her life between Pennsylvania and Ohio, Chevelle crossed the pond in September 2014 to start her MA Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Gloucestershire. She got her BA in journalism from The American University in Washington DC but is back to following her passion for fiction as a summer editorial assistant for Parthian. Her own writing alternates from humorous observations of life to the dark corners of the supernatural. Unfortunately, her preference for fiction over journalism has left her woefully ill-equipped to write biographies (especially about herself.)


Come and join us for the launch of the latest Terry Hetherington award anthology, Cheval 8 with an evening of readings and celebration. Join first prize winner Natalie Holborow, and runners up Richard Lewis and Eluned Gramich, plus readings from the collection for the best young writers under 30, on Friday 26th June, 7pm, at The Dylan Thomas Centre, in Swansea. This is a free event and open to everyone.

Some of the writers are appearing in print for the first time; others have already begun to make their mark on the literary scene. The collection, edited by Jonathan Edwards and Alan Perry, and published by Parthian, also includes new work by previous winners. Profits from the sale of the collection help to fund the following year’s award.

Today (June 22nd) sees the release of Richard Owain Roberts' experimental short-story collection All The Places We Lived, and Derek Webb's Is, a children's tale about a young girl who believes she is the reincarnation of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, as ebooks.

Both books are available from all good online ebook stores, and in both ePUB and Mobi formats.

Our next batch of ebooks - Gee Williams' Desire Line, Alix Nathan's The Flight of Sarah Battle and Tyler Keevil's Fireball - will be released on July 1st.


All The Places We Lived

'Elegant, contemporary, fun.' --Chris Killen (In Real Life)


Our editorial assistant Stephanie Clayton went along to Cardiff's newest independent coffee place Little Man Coffee for the launch of their wall art project Onwards.


"Of course, it’s not just world building and plot construction which make a good story. Just as important is the writing itself, and Burns has technical proficiency in spades. The language she uses is simple, but, like a mosaic artist, each little coloured stone is arranged precisely so to make new and interesting combinations. There are so many beautiful lines throughout this collection that the rest of this review could just be a list of them: a beauty mark is ‘milky black in the dawn.’ A bride-to-be stands ‘pliant in ivory lace underwear and stockings.’ And tulips ‘reveal the secret of their color. Their brilliance is peeping out beneath the enclosing bud, which for so long was dark and protective, sheltering their vibrancy and life.’ [...] The Missing Woman and Other Stories is a surprising and complex debut collection and it will certainly be interesting to see what Carole Burns does next." Carolyn Percy, Wales Arts Review


A favoured text of poetry courses UK-wide, the Library of Wales anthology Poetry 1900-2000 is being reduced to help all those picking up their books nice and early for the forthcoming academic term save those pennies!

If you buy three copies or more of the anthology from the Parthian webstore, you'll get 99p off the price of each copy you buy! Just enter 3ORMOREPOETRY in the 'Voucher code' box at checkout to receive the discounted price.