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Second prize winner, Terry Hetherington Award for Young Writers in 2012, M. A. Oliver-Semenov’s first poetry collection, The Elephant’s Foot, was released earlier this month by Parthian Books.

M. A. Oliver-Semenov (Mao) was born in Ely, Cardiff. In 2011, he immigrated to Siberia to live with his wife Anastasia. After the publication of his memoir, Sunbathing in Siberia by Parthian in 2014, The Elephant’s Foot now explores his roles as a father, husband, son, brother, teacher, in both Britain and Russia. 






Join us as we celebrate a new generation of writers from Wales with readings, pizza and refreshments in the new Octavo bookshop, café and wine bar in Cardiff Bay. 


6-8pm, Tuesday 26 July, Octavo's Book Cafe and Wine Bar, West Bute Street, Cardiff Bay CF10 5LJ


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NWR Issue 111

Some wonderful burb quotes have been flooding in for Siôn Tomos Owen's anthology of cartoons, essays, poetry and fiction Cawl.


‘Good, honest, mean-minded, violent, foul-mouthed stuff, just what a good cartoon should be. Siôn Tomos Owen is a down ‘n’ dirty Welsh Robert Crumb, as exhilarating and slightly terrifying as a Saturday night in the rougher parts of Swansea (and if you can find the less rough parts, good luck to you!).’ – Martin Rowson