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Griff Rhys Jones is on The One Show being Insufficiently Welsh (New paperback edition: 9781909844995, £9.99, released on 1st November) tonight (Weds 29 Oct 2014) at 7pm on BBC One. He was awarded the best presenter prize at the Welsh Baftas on Sunday evening for Griff’s Great Welsh Adventure, and he’s recently been shepherding a flock of sheep in Fitzroy square as part of the Fitzrovia festival.
You can pick up a copy of Insufficiently Welsh in the meantime here.
Griff Rhys Jones is searching for that Welsh part of himself that he has felt ever since being forced to sing in the choir in church and pack down for the school first XV, all in suburban Essex. Join Griff on his journey through Snowdonia, Anglesey, the Gower, mid Wales, Brecon, Pembrokeshire, north Wales and Monmouthshire. Packed with all manners of weird, wonderful and enlightening facts, you’ll learn as much about Wales as you do Griff.
Well, er, the clue is in the name... The man was gazing steadily at Griffith Rhys Jones, son of Elwyn and Gwynneth, scion of Megan and Ieuan and Evan, spawn of Betwys-y-Coed, Penmachno and the Rhondda, dark of hair, thick-thighed and round-faced. Griffith Rhys Jones. I was born in Cardiff.

Listen to Tom Anderson talking about his debut novel, supernatural surf thriller The Actaeon Tide on the Eleri Sion show on BBC Radio Wales from 1pm tomorrow (Thurs 30th October). Also read his Author's Notes in the Western Mail this coming Saturday. 

Following a very successful launch and sell out at the Dylan in Fitzrovia Festival's Nora Summers exhibition last night, Parthian is offering copies of Dylan Thomas of the Bohemians: The Photographs of Nora Summers, a gorgeous hardback title which features a full biography of the woman behind some of the most famous images of Dylan Thomas, a collection of her images both iconic and rare, and an essay on Dylan and Bohemianism by Thomas expert Jeff Towns, for the reduced price of £20 (usually £25) including P&P (which, as always, is free!).

Click here to buy.

The Nora Summers exhibition runs until October 26th and is open from 11am-5pm. More information can be found here.

Susmita Bhattacharya

The law seems to be very interested in widows and lesbians. Both are hanging on to the edges of society, begging to be recognised...

It’s the end of a millennium. India has made tremendous progress in science and technology, but in these times of economic boom can a friendship between two women give them the power to defy society, and law, to reach for their dreams?

Dipali, a young bride, is determined to make her marriage a success story. But her plans are cut short when her husband is killed by a bomb blast in Mumbai. Forced into a life of widowhood, her brother expects her to sacrifice her own independence for the sake of caring for her elderly mother but Dipali has other ideas.

Moushumi, a school teacher, discovers that her attraction to women is not just a girl crush. As her parents discuss potential husbands, Moushumi escapes to her high-flying lover. But how long can she keep being a lesbian secret beyond the safe walls of glamorous art crowd parties?

The Slovak Embassy in London was the venue for the launch of Peter Kristufek's The House of the Deaf Man , an odyssey  through across Slovakia's twentieth-century history, seen through the eyes of an elderly doctor and his son. It has been translated by Peter Sherwood and Julia Sherwood. 

The launch presentation, hosted by the British Slovak Association, was chaired by Zuzana Slobodova and introduced by Ambassador Miroslav Wlachovsky. Welsh actor Fraser Cains read from the English translation of Kristufek's 2012 novel Dom hluchého to an enraptured audience.

Fear not! For those who missed out, you can now order The House of a Deaf Man from the Parthian store by clicking here. And remember, P&P is free.