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Short-listed for Wales Book of the Year today for his short story collection Burrard Inlet, Tyler Keevil is our Author of the Month for May 2015. you can see a video of the announcement on the Wales Book of the Year website.



Featuring Wikipedia-obsessed cats, deleted tweets, James Franco’s mother, west Wales, and Barcelona, All The Places We Lived is a collection of disparate, yet inextricably connected stories that are bound by the common threads that exist amongst young people in and out of love with each other and life in the twenty-first century.

Elegant, contemporary, fun. - Chris Killen (In Real Life)

'Davies’ voice is attractive because it is so unusual, so untarnished by sophistication, and this may perhaps account for many aspects of Davies’ ‘otherness’ – something Bernard Shaw was attracted to. You could argue Shaw appreciated a social experiment related to his Pygmalion (1913) in Young Emma – the parallels are obvious, only in this facsimile Henry Higgins is an ex-tramp.'

Gary Raymond reviews the latest title in the Library of Wales series from Parthian Books, Young Emma by W.H. Davies, for Wales Arts Review


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Congrats to Carole Burns, Tyler Keevil and Georgia Carys Williams - all on the recently announced Frank O'Connor International Short Story Prize 2015 longlist, the single biggest prize in the world for a collection of short stories. Their collections of stories The Missing Woman, Burrard Inlet and Second-Hand Rain are out now and available from our online bookshop as well as all other good bookshops on and offline.

Best-selling author Helen Carey is to give the second in a series of lectures being staged by PENfro Book Festival this year.

The author of the best-selling Second World War Lavender Road novels, Helen will explore the enduring appeal of researching and writing wartime fiction in the Women at War Spring Lecture at Rhosygilwen on Thursday, May 14, from 8pm.

The talk will include insights into the writing of her new novel London Calling, the fourth in the Lavender Road series, which will be published this year. And Helen has just secured a new publishing deal with Headline Books, which means they will publish London Calling in 2016, followed by two more in the WW2 Lavender Road series in the following two years. They are also going to re-publish the three existing novels in paperback this summer.